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Anne DiDomenico @ EMERGE offers clients tools for developing self-awareness, self-honesty, and self-love.

These provide the foundation for a happy life and healthy relationships.

Anne and Her Work: A Brief Interview

About Emerge:

EMERGE is the process a client enters into when working with me.  Going INWARD, as in self-reflection, is the key to EMERGING the fuller self in the world.  The EMERGE PROCESS is grounded in “Know thyself.” 

How much of the REAL YOU can you access?  How aware are you of where you are INTERNALLY in this moment?  The quality of your life depends on this.  Here is where we begin to lay the groundwork for a solid foundation.

Peace of mind, happiness, comfort, kindness, compassion, generosity of spirit, love, respect, integrity, honesty… all this and more emerges from the depths of you to the degree you can access these for yourself.  Self-awareness is an EMERGE PROCESS.

I invite you to join me on a journey unlike no other… where courage, commitment, humor and persistence are required.  You will find out who you are.  You will come to love your life.

About Anne:

Anne founded EMERGE Consulting to empower both women and men to live authentically.  Her experience as teacher, coach and mentor span many years.  As a Metaphysician, Anne offers her clients a broader understanding of life experiences.  New perspectives can bring major life changes.

Anne carries graduate and post graduate degrees and certifications in Conflict Resolution, Communication & Relationship coaching, Heart IQ Mastery coaching, Metaphysical counseling and Mindfulness Meditation.  She loves to ignite and energize her clients to see the hidden possibilities in life events and bring more ‘juice’ to their lives.  Her work is very much about the delicate process of opening the heart… the key to loving life.


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