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Living From the Heart

LIVING FROM THE HEART ….Anne DiDomenico, MA, Emerge Consulting LLC


Living from the heart is following intuition, listening to inner guidance, hearing the Voice Within. This Voice is quiet, gentle and without judgment. It prompts you to do simple things like make a phone call, visit a friend or take a walk as well as far out things like start a business, leave your job, drive home a different way from work or take up sky-diving. Living from the heart is living from your truth rather than someone else’s truth. Sometimes most of the time this is hard to distinguish. How can you tell when you are living from the heart and when you are not?


First, how often during the day do you take a moment or two to see where you are? How often do you simply stop and take notice of where you are in your physical surroundings? How often do you stop and ask yourself,  what am I thinking about right now? How am I feeling physically and emotionally?

Stopping yourself at any point during your day and noticing where you are in body, mind and emotions is how you begin to live from the heart. Becoming familiar with your thoughts those favorite topics you think about those thought patterns you think repeatedly  is a beginning. You are teaching yourself how to be present with yourself. This is the beginning of true self-respect.

Your habit of thinking particular thoughts blocks your ability to hear your inner guidance and follow intuition. Habitual thoughts are addictive thoughts. They leave no room for something new. The old is comfortable like worn-out jeans. The new is unknown territory, and quite frankly, you intuitively know you will have to work to get the new stuff. The old thoughts are just easier.

What do these habitual patterns sound like and feel like? They sound familiar, and they always lead you to the same place feeling bad in some way. How can you tell the difference between thinking and intuition? When you are thinking, you are in analysis, assessment and judgment. It feels tight, rigid and restrictive. When you are following intuition and inner guidance, there is no thought but the present thought. It feels easy, flowing and allowing. It feels good.


Living from the heart requires trust. This trust is grounded in a belief: there is a Voice within you that knows best what you need and desire. It requires willingness to be honest with yourself. This means that you track down within yourself where you deny, ignore, pretend and avoid what you don’t want to see. This takes commitment and courage and a long dose of persistence. If you are easily discouraged, living from the heart is your Mt. Everest!

Living From the Heart brings about a state of well-being.

This Heart-state of well-being is the ability/capacity to experience joy, to extend love, to offer compassion, to live grounded in a peace-filled mind.

Living From the Heart is the willingness to let go of the need to control.

There is a realization that there is nothing to fear nothing to judge nothing to resist.  This is a turning point.

We become aware that the road blocks to having what we truly want are self-made and self-imposed.  This is how we take ownership of our life.

 Understanding how to hear and follow Inner Guidance is what we do to Live From the Heart.

 It is this practice of listening to and aligning with Inner Guidance that leads us to our true identity with the Heart.