The WOM program is heart intelligence based geared to significantly change a person’s perspective towards self, life and relationships.  In this class we focus on identifying thinking patterns that hold us trapped in a never-ending cycle of sameness. 


Are you tired of thinking the same old thoughts?  Research tells us that we experience over 65,000 thoughts per day.  Of that, we are lucky to encounter even 1% of new thought in any given day!


If you are looking for real change where you feel the difference in your relationships, this is it.  This is an active class that includes reading, self-reflection and journaling, class discussion and new practices for daily application. 


You will learn how to discover…

  •  Addictive thought patterns and change them     
  •  Judging thoughts, assumptions and expectations
  •  Addictive emotional patterns
  •  Reactive knee-jerk body responses
  •  Habitual negative relationship/communication patterns


This is both a practical and spiritual journey in which you will gain a new, expanded sense of yourself.  You will learn to use practices along the way to support a new perspective that gives way to a more positive, compassionate view of yourself, improved relationships, and a new life. 


You will access your ability for…


  •  Clarity for improved decision making
  •  Peace of mind
  •  Solid grounding
  •  Compassion
  •  Critical thinking
  •  Discernment in exchange for judgment

You will learn how to be in the world and not be swallowed up by it.


Class meets twice a month.  Please call, text or email for current schedule.



This is a class for finding your way back to a meaningful and happy life by developing a daily mindfulness practice.  You are the artist in your life and living itself is art.  Yet, living is art unaware until we awaken to the present moment.  In such a moment, we are living mindfully and feel our aliveness.  Then, every moment becomes an alive moment as we are consciously awake.  It is possible to live such a life.  It takes only your desire and intention to experience it.


Meditation is a key component of this program and a portion of each class will be dedicated to practicing mindful breathing,  We will also explore other ways to apply the meditative state of mind while moving through our daily activities.


We will explore how to address various topics thought reading, discussion and daily practices.  Possible topics to explore may include the following…

  • Power
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Communication
  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Silence


Class meets twice a month.  Please call, text or email for current schedule.


This class is a deep dive into the depths of the heart.  It is meant to move you into greater expansiveness with your True Self.  It is based on a series of books created by Anne DiDomenico over a span of five years during which Anne lived in self-imposed solitude.  Out of many spiritually enlightening experiences during that time, a clear channel was opened for insight into how to translate a higher perspective into a physical life practically.


If you have traveled the spiritual path for many years and a former student of the Way of Mastery, you will find this a deeply heart-expanding class.  


NOTE:  Requirement for attendance:  Either completion of The Way of Mastery Program and/or significant past inner self-reflective work.


Class meets twice a month.  Please call, text or email for current schedule.

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