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Depending on your needs, sessions run 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Each session is designed to open your eyes to how you block your deepest desires, bring you clarity and move you into your heart center. We begin with your story.

Your story describes your life as you know it. Telling your story offers you the opportunity to uncover where you are stuck and to clearly see how you hold yourself back from what you want.  You will be given tools to change counter-productive patterns of behavior.

As you use the tools, you will experience a mind flip meaning you will see your life from a different perspective. This mind flip experience is amazing, disorienting and life altering. This new perspective opens the heart and becomes your doorway to inner peace bringing you relief and a new sense of freedom.

If you come to the sessions with a willingness to explore, you will most certainly experience your heart opening.  Your worldview will change. Your life will change.

This Work will help you…..

  • Release addictive behaviors
  • Break free of co-dependency
  • Transform relationships
  • Deepen intimacy
  • Increase confidence and direction
  • Improve parenting skills
  • Create more harmonious family connection
  • Transform communication skills


Group sessions are offered when particular clients desire a group experience and common issues are being explored. At times, I will create a group that is experimental in nature. In this case, we work together to uncover hidden facets of a particular issue such as intimacy in relationship or the nature of co-dependency.  This is a ‘search and recovery’ operation where participants get to see the common threads that manifest as roadblocks to experiencing joy. This work is key to dissolving the blocks and moving into the heart.  I have found that the very nature of group dynamics allows for exciting discoveries to be had by all. It offers participants both a safe and exceptionally productive environment for life changes.