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Joan Romeo is a Certified Parent Educator and Coach who  specializes in the Active Parenting method developed by Dr. Michael H. Popkin.

Joan’s passion for parent education and coaching began after taking an Active Parenting class offered in her children’s elementary school.  The concepts and techniques she learned motivated and inspired her to become a Certified Leader so she could help other parents. She later started teaching Active Parenting’s character education programs designed to help children develop confidence in their talents and abilities through healthy habits of thinking and behaving. 

Joan is also a certified parent coach and recently trained in Life and Family Coaching with the Relationship Coaching Institute. She works with parents in groups, individually, and through online classes incorporating her knowledge of effective parenting techniques, coaching skills, and her own personal  experiences as a parent in her work. Joan loves what she does because she believes that when she helps a parent become the best they can be for their child, she’s also helping their child become the best they can be.

Topic: How to Build Healthy Parent-Child Relationships 

Joan bases her presentations on the Active Parenting method – a foundation of practical parenting skills that are designed to enhance a parent’s leadership qualities and promote healthy parent-child relationships throughout their child’s developmental years. Parents get the tools they need to help them teach their children qualities of respect, cooperation, independence, responsibility, courage, and self-esteem. The Active Parenting concepts Joan teaches helps both the parent and the child grow in their personal development and in their relationship with each other.

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