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SHIRLEY BURKE is our highlighted practitioner today.  A life-long resident of Vineland, many of you may recognize Shirley as a recipient of the Home Town Hero Award.  She is an individual dedicated to service and demonstrates a high level of commitment in all that she does.  Her willingness to expand her knowledge base in the healing arts is an example of this dedication and commitment.  Read on to learn more about Energy Medicine and Reiki and what drew Shirley to these healing modalities.


Shirley Burke is a healing practitioner who practices Reiki, Quantum Touch and Eden Energy medicine in her desire to serve humanity.  These energy healing therapies reduce stress and relieve or reduce pain and promote relaxation.  Energy medicine is based on the principle that everything in the universe is made of energy.  If the energy in our body is bountiful, strong and flowing, we feel good and are healthy.  If we have depleted our energy through stress, anxiety, and illness, or if energy is stuck somewhere in our body through emotional or physical trauma, these conditions can lead to fatigue and illness.  These therapies work with the mind and spirit as well as the physical body.  These therapies are practiced worldwide and are simple and effective.  Energy Therapy can be used beneficially in conjunction with conventional health care practices to enhance a patient’s recovery.

Reiki is an energy therapy.  It originated in Japan.  It relieves physical and emotional trauma, balances chakras and provides deep relaxation.  Reiki has been know to relieve a number of physical symptoms related to depression, anxiety, arthritis, fibromyalgia, digestive distress, headaches, chronic pain and insomnia.  The practitioner channels universal energy into the client’s body by lightly touching the head, torso, and extremities, front and back.  During a session, the client remains fully clothed except for shoes.
Shirley Burke
Serene Touch Reiki
856 696-2494
1746 So. Spring Rd.
Vineland, NJ  08361