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[flowplayer src='' width=213 height=160 splash=]Charles Woolsey, Kennesaw, Ga


Anne’s energy and excitement fills the air with peace and calm…which may sound strange but when you are in her company you would understand. That brings another thought… ideas you get that may seem strange or unusual. She understands and helps you to understand. The first time I met her I was having troubles that I thought were terrible. She instantly made me feel comfortable and helped me think about what was really going on within me… and She Helped A lot.

Now, it feels like I’ve known her forever and that is a good thing. My “Being” has grown and is still growing thanks to her. There is No End to the “ANNE EXPERIENCE.”  It just keeps getting BETTER.
She has my Love Always.
New Jersey

Anne lives the philosophy she talks about.  When I met her, I felt a deep presence of love and openness.  In conversations with her, I had the opportunity to really see what it is I wanted to create for my life and how to attract it consistently.  I also came to see how I create what I don’t want and how to change that.
New Jersey

You are so centering for me. I tearfully listen to too much input from well meaning Ramsters and then I get a message from you. Your positive knowingness of the I AM is more than a tender reminder to look at who I really am and what I really need do in this life. You reinforce nothing in fear that has stopped me twice on quick judgments.
G. K. M.
Washington State

Anne coached me how to think about my needs by looking at myself internally. She helped me see myself as being able to face professional and personal situations from the “other persons” vantage point. Anne used techniques that open me to “thinking and seeing” the outcomes of a particular situation before responding or reacting. When Anne presents an idea or strategy to me, she eliminates the fear and risk associated with conventional thinking. Anne helped me understand how to feel better about myself and my life.
C. F.
New Jersey

I have changed the way I view myself and the world, knowing that there is no separation.  All that I encounter is brought to me as a gift for my greatest good, no matter how it may appear. I try to remember Anne’s words of wisdom and love especially when I “feel” that I have become detached from the Source, because of my fast paced life. I feel that the greatest lessons are still coming, since “love” brings new lessons constantly. It really is difficult to explain or describe how I have benefited in ALL areas of my life as a result of my relationship with Anne.  Her influence in my life can be described as incredible as well as immeasurable.
L. P.
New Jersey

After the death of my husband, Anne helped me to get in touch with my feelings and to understand that all those emotions going on inside me were okay. She guided me into the acceptance of those feelings, contradictory as they were at times, and helped me to emerge from this experience with the ability to create a new although different life that could still be happy and fulfilling.
E. S.
New Jersey

With Anne, I met a mentor, coach and guide. I’ve had wonderful friendships and lifelong relationships, but something new happened when I met Anne. It might be called conscious loving. I experienced an empathic support that touched my soul and gave me courage to fully explore and receive myself.
She provided an intelligent, gentle environment, where I began revealing my ego structure. With skillful knowing, she supported me in stepping into my own reservoir of Love.  I began to trust and be more confident in the Love that had always been there.  All thoughts and emotions were encouraged and could be expressed in the process. Previous to Anne, I hadn’t met anyone who so fully lived Love.
G. O.